My name is Dyan, pronounced Diane. I have been a horse lover all my life. I was finally able to get my first horse in my early 20’s. That same year, she became pregnant. I considered it to be a two for one special! About 10 years later I bought "dad" and I had my very happy family for many years. I am now down to just the baby who is 24 this year. I like to tell myself that he is enjoying being to center of my attention, but some days I’m not so sure.

I became interested in horse dentistry a couple years ago. I had Tom Howell recommended to me to do my horses and the results amazed me. When I called back to schedule my yearly appointment he mentioned that he was starting a school. I was very intrigued. I spent countless sleepless nights anticipating going to his school. I couldn’t wait to get to work with horses every day. Not to mention, I am now able to fix so many issues that other equine dentists can’t even identify. It’s a great feeling starting each day knowing I will be making a horses life better!
Trained by Tom Howell of Black Creek Equine Learning Center
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